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Transdisciplinary  research and studies on language, literature, and Arts are alternatives to deal with cultural changes due to the social context of the Industrial Revolution 4.0. Since the economics change becomes the starting point for changes in the human mindset, science and technology. Therefore, the findings of trans-disciplinary studies results by practitioners and academicians in theory, methodology, practice and assessment are the main expectations. New concepts of research and innovative thinking results will be utilized in the language, literature and Arts learning which will have a direct impact on the society. There have been many transdisciplinary studies on language, literature, and Arts conducted by experts in Indonesia and the other countries. However, the results of these studies have not been well applied. Therefore, the studies’ benefits have not been felt by the  society as a whole.

The results of transdisciplinary studies on  language, literature, and Arts to embrace the social context of the industrial revolution are expected to be able to bring up creative power so that the economic value can be increased.  The economic value of creative power in the field is expected to become a competitive model in a work world that is increasingly without limits, without damaging local wisdom and nature. Furthermore, based on the situation, Language and Arts Faculty, Universitas Negeri Medan will hold International Seminar under the theme “Enhancing Trans-disciplinary Studies on Language, Literature and Arts to Embrace the Social Context of the Industrial Revolution 4.0” on November 14th , 2019.

Enhancing Transdisciplinary Studies on Language, Literature and Art in Facing the Social Context of the Industrial Revolution 4.0


  1. 21st Century Language, Literature and Arts Learning
  2. The Digital Media Use in Creative Industries of Language, Literature, and Arts Field
  3. Developing  Economic Value  of Creative Industries  in Language, Literature and Arts
  4. Cultural Studies (Language, Literature and Arts)
  5. The  Language, Literature and Arts Use in Tourism Sector
  6. Authentic Assessment of Language, Literature and Arts Learning
  7. Transdisciplinary Approach of Culture Constructing  (Language, Literature, and Arts) the Industrial Revolution 4.0 era
  8. Transforming Innovative and Creative Language, Literature and Arts Learning
  9. Language, Literature and Arts Studies in Cross-Cultural Perspective
  10. Arts Innovation in Ethnic Design

Time and Venue

Thursday, November 14th 2019. 4th Floor  Digital Library Building, UNIMED  Jl. Williem Iskandar Ps. V Medan Estate

Invited Speaker

1.  Prof. Amrin Saragih, M.A., Ph.D. (Indonesia)

2. Dr. Nur Rasyidah Mohd Nordin. (Malaysia)



3. Balasz Huska, Ph.D. (Brunai Darussalam)


4. Potchana Pantham, M.Sn. (Thailand)



5. Philippe Grangé (Prancis)



Academicians, researchers, practitioners, and policy makers in the Language, Literature, and Culture fields. The paper presented refers to one of the subthemes determined. Papers can be in the form of research result or innovative thinking result.


  1. Abstract must be written in both Indonesia and English.
  2. It must be written in maximum 250 words, using Times New Roman of 12 in size.
  3. It must be completed by :
    a. Title
    b. Author’s full-name
    c. Address affiliation (Phone and WA Number; and email)
    d. Short Biography (at least 50 words)
  4. Abstract submission deadline  is October 25th, 2019
  5. Notification of Submission Acceptance is from October 16th to 28th, 2019.

Full Paper Submission

1. Presenters may only present their abstracts in the seminar without having to submit their full papers for publication.
2. If a presenter wishes to publish in the seminar’s proceeding, the full paper must be submitted on no later than December 20, 2019.

Guidelines for Paper Submission

Full paper is written in English, A4 paper, using Times New Roman of 12 in size, 15 space, 8-12 pages.


Contact Persons:

Nora Ronita Dewi      081265949456
Rut Hertami                  087867327188
Elly Prihasti                   081397751850


Registration Fee

Registration fee for seminar kit, certificate, snack, and lunch.

Participant Local Internasional
Presenter IDR 500.000,00 USD  39
Non Presenter    
Lecturer/Practitioner IDR 350.000,00 USD  36
Teacher/ Graduate Student (S-2) Post Graduate (S-3) IDR 200.000,00 USD  24
Under Graduate Student (S-1) IDR 100.000,00 USD  14


Payment of Registration


Registration payment deadline is on October 30th, 2019. Payment is sent to bank account BNI no. 7088708851 /Universitas Negeri Medan PTN. Payment slip must be sent to WA number 082273216388.